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East Cobb Youth Ministry (ECYM)

Caleb Taylor, Youth Minister

ECYM is the home for our students in middle school (6th-9th grades) and high school (10th-12th grades). We seek to partner with students and their families in the process of developing Christ-like disciples who love God and love people.


The ECYM Bible class meets at our building Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. and is available via Zoom. A synopsis of the current Bible study is below. 

Bible Study Synopsis

Teacher - Tad Goss


Our teen group is working through a 32-part study designed to challenge your faith and to consider what it means to hold firm to Biblical convictions and still engage in humble dialogue with the culture around us.


Part 1-SPEAK.  Jesus claimed to be the way, the truth, and the life, and He claimed that eternal life was only through Him. Are these statements truth or just an illegitimate claim to deity? In our post-truth world, there are few things more important than understanding truth and then having the ability to communicate truth with love and humility. But any conversation about truth must also include understanding how to communicate it with gentleness and respect. This study will examine truth, how we discover it,  communicate it, and whether or not it is absolute.


Part 2-SEARCH.  The influence of worldviews in every culture is inescapable. Worldviews are the filter through which we tell and interpret our stories. This study explores the most influential worldviews, investigates how each answers life's big questions, then dives deep into the biggest questions of evil, suffering, and hell; addressing how the Christian worldview best addresses life's biggest challenges.


Part 3-EXPLORE.  Theology was once considered the queen of the sciences and our knowledge of culture largely understood through religion. Now our world has created a wall dividing faith from both science and culture. But what if science and culture actually formed and strengthened our faith? This study helps you to see the incredible relationship between faith and science and how they serve as signposts to God Himself.


Part 4-EXAMINE. Could there be actual evidence for the person of Jesus, His miracles, the biblical testimony about Him, and even the resurrection? Discover what we can know about Jesus and the historical evidence behind His death and resurrection, and also answer the question, "Is the Bible, as the source for the majority of this information, a reliable and trustworthy historical account?"

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