COVID-19 Safety Procedures

During Worship Gatherings

During this time of concern related to Covid-19, we want to emphasize the need to be cautious and considerate of one another as we gather at the building for worship. We appreciate everyone’s thoughtfulness as we balance safety measures with our desire to provide a meaningful, in-person worship experience.  Masks are required and social distancing will be observed; masks and hand sanitizers are available onsite. 

Worship service will held in the Auditorium, with overflow seating in the Fellowship Hall, and live-streamed on Facebook.

Bible classes will meet in designated rooms and are available via Zoom. (See links on our Home page or Bible Classes page.)

Please note the following procedures that we will use to lower risk of possible coronavirus exposure as our number of attendees begins to grow.


Entry and Check-in

  1. Only the main entrance to the building will be open.

  2. Each person’s temperature will be taken upon entrance to the building

  3. Each person’s name (members and visitors) will be taken at the entrance. This will enable us to contact everyone attending on a given Sunday if we learn of anyone testing positive for Covid-19.

  4. Face coverings are required at this time as a cautionary measure. Please wear a face covering while in the church building. Disposable masks are available in the foyer if needed.

  5. Please observe social distancing.



  1. Please go directly to the Auditorium or children's check-in points rather than remaining in the foyer for conversation.

  2. From the foyer, enter the Auditorium from any of the three doors leading into the Auditorium.

  3. Five seating sections are available in the Auditorium, with every other row roped off. Use only the un-taped sections at each end of available rows.  Chairs are placed along the walls for individual seating.

  4. Overflow seating (socially distanced) will be available in the Fellowship Hall.

Nursery Check-in and Pick-up

  1. The nursery is available for kids up to 2 years old. All volunteers working in the nursery will wear face coverings at all times. Frequent hand washing, cleaning, and disinfecting will occur. There will be a maximum of 4 babies per nursery room. Please keep your children home if they have any symptoms or are not feeling well.

  2. From the main foyer, go to doorway on the RIGHT (Pre-school door). A volunteer will meet you and take your baby to the nursery.

  3. If you need to pick up your child early, you will text with nursery staff and pick up your child at the same door.

  4. At the end of worship service, please pick up your child promptly at the Pre-school door.

Children’s Ministry Check-in and Pick-up

  1. Children’s classes are for children 2-years old through 5th grade. Everyone working in the children’s area will wear face coverings at all times. Frequent hand washing, cleaning, and disinfecting will occur.

  2. From the main foyer, go to the hallway door on the  LEFT. A volunteer will meet you at that door and take your kids to the children’s ministry area (The Marketplace).

  3. At the end of service, please pick up your child promptly at the hallway door.

During Worship

  1. Worship will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. 

  2. Please wear your face covering for the entire worship service except for the time required for taking the Lord’s Supper emblems.

  3. Communion packets are placed on seats before service begins.  Please dispose of your communion packets when you exit.

  4. Anyone addressing the entire assembly should remove the face covering only while speaking from the podium.

Adult and Teen Bible Classes

  1. After worship service ends, those staying for the adult Bible class should remain in the Auditorium.

  2. Teens should exit the Auditorium through the rear doors only and go to the Teen room.

Exiting the Building

  1. Everyone should leave the auditorium using only the three doors at the rear of the auditorium.

  2. We will dismiss everyone by seating section to avoid crowding at the doors and in the foyer.

  3. Parents should pick up babies and children at the appropriate hallway doors.

  4. Please exit the building through the main foyer doors.

  5. Please exit the foyer without stopping for conversation. Enjoy fellowship and conversation outdoors if possible.

  6. Teens may exit through the Fellowship foyer doors or the main entrance doors.

We encourage fellowship outside the building where social distancing may be maintained.

While we’re gathered, let’s focus our minds on worshipping God, confirming our faith in the gospel of Christ, and enjoying being together. Let’s also be as safe and thoughtful as we can regarding the health and well-being of one another.


Elders, East Cobb Church of Christ

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